Tuesday, December 28, 2004

There is really not much point in trying to offer wisdom to a ruler. When the Lord speaks of the lack of benefit in advising a fool I think He means those who hold sway in government. The western powers have poised themselves for war with Iran. This is obvious from the timing of the dialogue with Iran. In the same way that George W. Bush refused to wait for a peaceful resolution of the dispute with Iraq, the European Union (and undoubtedly the US government) are poised on the brink of yet another war. It may be said that this war is also inevitable but I think the question is: do we fare better by going to war too early or too late? The US has not had an impressive history with choosing the timing of initiating war in this respect. We entered World War II late, World War I was also held in question. The Spanish-American war was never really proved satisfactorily to many whether it should have even started.

There are two schools of thought, basically. One says that things will continue pretty much the same. Jesus said: "There will always be wars and rumors of war." but He didn't say they would always be of the same scope as we well know. The other school, which is comprised largely of fundamentalists, believes there will be nuclear war in the middle east. How do you head off such a conflict? You start a war and fight it on a conventional basis before your enemy has strategic weapons. Now the problem with choosing the correct timing to start a war basically boils down to logistics and the placement of your allies. This ensures a streamline and effective campaign (as far as is possible). Of course, none of this matters if you don't care about the body count.

The one casualty we can be sure to incur as a result in all of this is a downturn in world opinion. By that I mean that either way there will likely be war and lives will be lost which no one can predict in terms of numbers.

However, the question I want to pose is: What if there is no nuclear war or rather no speedy resolution to these conflicts. In terms of bible prophecy, Armageddon is a word which has arisen out of land conflcts with armies of vast number. It comes from the Valley of Megiddo which was a strategic location near Jerusalem where many great battles were fought. So tell me, what are we gearing up to fight? A war that will avert the deaths of millions or a war that will see the deaths of millions.

note: If you think that the bible's reference to Armageddon means that a war will be fought exclusively in a valley where only soldiers will get killed I have to tell you: there is no guarantee. And if you really think that such a battle wouldn't include vast numbers of civilian casualties,well, you haven't been paying attention. Obviously, vast numbers of you haven't.

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