Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let's forget about the campaign for a minute. I'd like you to check out the changes on Web Ev. There is a new Missions page and there will be an article posted on the index page. Just when you thought we had stopped adding fresh content to our website. The only way to know for sure is to visit. So stop by. If you forgot the address just use the link >

What will tonight's presidential debates focus on? Topics guaranteed to generate votes, of course. You can believe, if you choose, that there will be significant change in these areas by either candidate when in office. I simply ask you to remember, for once, past promises concerning taxes, economic growth, health care and the like. On the one hand we are asked to believe that John Kerry will bring about change when he has had twenty years to change his own bad voting habits in the Senate and failed miserably while still saying he has made the right choices.

And what about changing the rate of unemployment? Well it has stayed rock steady for at least three months; not varying more than one tenth of a percent. You couldn't do that well at "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" if you could take your blindfold off. Not to be critical of the Bush administration; I remember from Economics class that a president needed to pay attention to his economic advisers in order to regulate the levels of unemployment and inflation which are related inversely. I guess we won't need to worry about inflation any time soon.

I'm also going to hazard a quess based on the level of enthusiasm for both candidates that the average voter is still relatively uninformed. Why am I so critical of both sides? Well, it looks as though, now, that I will have to get used to another Commander-in-Chief. That's right, if tonight's debate goes in favor of Senator Kerry I'm predicting change in the oval office. I'm not about to welcome that change. Why? Because every time I start to like a president he does something stupid like pardoning his predicessor who is a criminal or I find he assasinated him or he is yet another heir to Satan. Don't even get me started.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Let me see if I have this right. Forget about any envolvement with Iraq. There is, after all, a possible reason for the 9/11 attack. We really have never been given a real reason in the past, have we? Now I haven't finished watching Fahrenheit 9/11 yet but the short version is that both George Bush senior and George W worked for the Carlisle group and they owned United Defense and the bin Laden family invested heavily in Carlisle/United Defense. So now we see where the whole insider trading racket can lead to.

If we aren't careful, in the future someone with heavy shares in pest control companies may leverage shares of sugar and then when they've accumulated enough they'll bring on the ants and make a killing killing them. If you think that is bizarre, I ask you: "What isn't anymore?"

You see people in power sit in elegant rooms in places like DC and New York and watch the mayhem while they sip their bourbon and smoke their cigars or whatever and all the time they discuss their holdings and spend their dividends. Now I have no problem believing that such things happen. However, to conceive of even a few of the things that must have happened for us to have an event like the attacks on New York and Washington DC; you have to have the same kind of willing suspension of disbelief that a theater goer utilizes.

That is why we are left with a feeling that it was all too incredulous. Because instantly we knew that something this big couldn't have taken place in a vacuum. Normally you would be lucky to get by airport security with a nail file but on that day someone smuggled a band of terrorists aboard four airliners and about half of them were former visa holders.

Now we're told that we have to have tighter security, especially better organized intelligence.

Yet the Osama bin Ladens of this world move freely to and fro and always have; for a season.

But what am I trying to say? It has lately come boldly to my attention that if we are trusting in our leaders or our government we have misplaced our trust. We need to be involved in the workings of government but not trusting in it. And who should we be trusting in?

That's right you can say His name. As of this day you may still proclaim His name.

But the wise will proclaim that name forever more.

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