Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have included a few Today's Word devotions lately just by way of familiarizing the reader with Email newsletters and devotions. I don't feel the need to promote this form of bible study on the Web Ev site. However, I do like to expose my readers to a variety of sources; hoping to spark something in the would-be writer that might lead to new tangent on the presentation of the Word. There are, of course, countless styles of usage and avenues of discovery. Also, given a virtually limitless textual medium I see no reason to impose limitations. The individual can doubtless do that for himself. I will say this, however: subscribing to Email studies and devotions can really help to streamline your study habits. Enough said?

Friday, August 27, 2004

Are you trying to create your own web on the internet and finding yourself entangled in it? Just remember that web navigation simply means that everything links outward; making the page you are working on the central hub. Want everything to come back to that hub? Just make all the links on the left side (or wherever you put your main links) the same. That's all there is to it. Everypage kind of looks the same basically with different content. And of course the content part can have links different from your main links. They may not come back to you anyway!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here is an FAQ for web developers: What two code languages are the best to learn for writing web pages for the internet. Quite frankly HTML has been used quite succesfully for all types of web pages since the internet was started at about the beginning of the '90s. It is a very simple language to learn and it allows text to be formatted for a great variety of platforms and uses. It you need to know more about it check the Web Ev Research page.

But what about writing scripts? There are a few different script languages but JavaScript was developed by some of the best software and hardware companies out there. JavaScript is formulated to do interactive tasks on multiple platforms and has been used for countless information exchange and custom display applications.

Also, you can still find many exhaustive books outlining both these web languages and how exactly to use them. You may have heard that other languages like XML and Python have not had as much success as had been anticipated.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Thinking of advertising your website? Take it from someone who has tried various types of website promotions; have it done professionally. Don't waste time on endless listings that get no attention and no hits. Pay for some real advertising. Otherwise just get links to your site on as many websites as you can. Get links that are more-less-permanent. You can get perpetual listings on search engines too if you get the full complement of meta tags to work with and set them up to re-visit every 31 days or so. Just remember there is no substitute for guaranteed hits.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Countless times in my life I have developed relationships with people over a period of time. We all do this; the amount of time we invest varies from person to person but we develop or build relationships even with the checkout girl at the grocery store. All too often relationships change or get put on hold through the ebb and flow of life or through sin or sickness or through changes brought on by new opportunities or even by death. I don't know why it is but even when there have been difficulties of major proportions with a relationship I have felt a profound loss when there was a parting of ways whether with good feelings or bad. You know, it is even possible to miss your boss when you get fired.

However, we always seem to miss family and close friends the most when they are not around. This is true whether or not they are still with us on this plane. I was greatly blessed to have a chance to be with all my brothers for a weekend this summer. This has very special significance for me because there are members of their families I seldom see and I don't see all of them often either. We never know how many opportunities we will have to communicate with those who are closest to us. I would just like to encourage you to share your thoughts, your love, and your faith with your loved ones while you have the chance; regardless of how it affects your relationship. I say this because you will not always have that relationship and you could miss the opportunity forever to share a part of yourself that may actually have some meaning to you both. It may just be some sad or funny remembrance. Or it might just be the love of Christ that is hiding in our hearts waiting for just such an occaision to embrace the truth.

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